Online Service 10:30 am Sunday

Our services will be streamed Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

We are making some adjustments to our ministries at Centenary.

In the interest of the public health and under the advice of the Bishop of Missouri Annual conference as well as in concert with all local United Methodist congregations, and several other denominations we are taking necessary steps to show care and concern for our community.
  1. We will not have worship together this Sunday.  This will be reviewed week by week, but for this Sunday we will not meet here.  
  2. We will live stream service at 10:30 Sunday morning.  It will be a limited service, but we will worship as a community even if we are physically separated.  We do not presume that God is limited by geography.  The Spirit can and will work in our hearts even in our separate spaces. 
  3. All activities sponsored by the church are suspended.  Cornerstone cafe, Bible study, Sunday school, knitting circle, women’s circles, youth group, Alcoholics Anonymous are all part of this effort. 
  4. The physical office is closed but we are responding to emails.  We are working on a way to forward calls to cell phones, but do not have this in place yet.  We will let you know asap. 
  5. We are working on ways that we can continue to minister to our congregation and community. New ideas are being considered and we will continue to work to fulfill our mission.

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